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Online Reputation Management

Why your small business needs customer review management software

Unlock the power of customer review management software

Have you ever wanted to improve your small business, reach a wider audience and make the customer experience better in every way? To achieve all of that, you’ll need the most important piece of feedback, customer reviews. When clients tell you their honest opinion, you can address the woes of your business and yield great results. But to make the most out of customer reviews you’ll need to get them first. That’s where customer review software comes in.

A little software can go a long way

You might be wondering why you’d need customer review management software in the first place when you can just use Google Reviews for free. Creating a Google Business Profile is free but you still need to get the actual reviews and track their analytics. Specialised software can be quite helpful with that.

With dedicated customer feedback software, your small business can not only track all available reviews but also host reviews on your website to improve the overall user experience. Customer review software can help businesses of all sizes to boost customer satisfaction, identify weak points in their marketing strategies and receive honest feedback from clients. Business owners can also directly engage with their customers and better understand their behaviour and needs.

The best part is that customer review software is fully compatible with other platforms and can be integrated into your email marketing and social networks. This is not only convenient for your business but also gives you a better picture of how well your company is performing.

How can your small business benefit from customer review software?

If you’re still not convinced that customer review software is a must in any business, let us prove you otherwise.

Boost your brand

Nowadays, everyone is on the internet. You can be certain that before a client decides to visit a business or order a product, they’ve read a ton of information. Where? Reviews. Customer feedback is not only valuable to your business, it also represents the public image of your business as other users would often base their opinion on online reviews. With the proper software, you can easily manage online reviews and improve your standing with potential new clients.

Improve local SEO

The internet is vast and leaving your mark on the web is not easy, at least in global terms. With local SEO, your business can place much higher, based on proximity, inquiry, and relevant keywords. Managing your online reviews is one of the most efficient ways to improve your local SEO and boost customer traffic to your business.

Save time

Last but not least, customer review management software can save you plenty of time. Without a dedicated program, you’ll have to juggle between different platforms and accounts to address all reviews. Not replying to reviews, especially bad ones, can be detrimental to your online reputation. With customer review software, you can rest assured that everything is streamlined in a single platform that’s easy to manage.

Choosing the right customer review management software

If your business is still not using dedicated software, you might want to have a look at all the available options. As with many other things on the internet, the choices are many and it might be hard to sift through all of them.

You can pick the right customer review management software for you by sorting the available options based on the features they offer. Look for useful features such as:

  • A Feedback Tool – makes it easy to gather feedback
  • A Dashboard – the main page containing the most useful info
  • A Unified mailbox – allows you to see all your messages in a single inbox
  • Multi-channel filtering – gathers reviews from different platforms

Frequently Asked Questions about review management software

What is review management software?

Review management software collects positive and negative feedback, identifying areas for improvement. When customers highlight a recurring issue in their reviews, they provide valuable data that can guide the development team in the right direction..

What are the benefits of review management software?

Beyond review collection, review management software offers a spectrum of benefits, allowing businesses to elevate their online presence, enhance local SEO ranking, and optimise communication efficiency, all in one streamlined solution.

How do I choose a review management software?

When selecting review management software, focus on essential factors. Seek user-friendly software with features like review collection, monitoring, and response capabilities, ideally tailored to platforms relevant to your business. Prioritise automation, real-time alerts, and robust reporting for actionable insights. Look for seamless integration with existing tools and the ability to customise requests and responses. 

What is the most effective review management tool?

The effectiveness of a review management tool depends on your business’s unique requirements and goals. Some popular and highly regarded review management tools include Podium, Birdeye, and Trustpilot.

What is content review management?

Evaluating content is a crucial and ongoing aspect of content management that involves the assessment, modification, and endorsement of new or active content on a company’s website. This guarantees that visitors have up-to-date details regarding the company and its offerings.


By utilising the power of specialised customer review management software you can elevate your small business to the next level. With a customer review program, you can manage all your reviews at the same time, save time, gather feedback, keep track of your targets and make sure that your customers are always happy. No matter if the review is good, bad, or untrue, remember to always respond and build trust with your clients. Because the customer always comes first. 

About Magic

Magic helps local businesses grow. Thousands of local businesses use Magic to get more online reviews, win new customers, easily manage customer conversations and grow sales. Magic offers these features:

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  • Inbox: Keep track of customer conversations across channels in one inbox, including SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail. Manage conversations better as a team and do more with industry specific templates. 
  • Text Marketing: Drive more sales with instant text campaigns and reach your customers at the right moment with automation. Use prebuilt templates to send out text campaigns in minutes. 
  • Webchat: Turn website visitors into customers with SMS powered Webchat. Chat to website visitors directly through SMS so you won’t miss a lead, even when they leave your website. 

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