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Case Study

VMA Euro saw a 350% increase in return customers with Magic Text Marketing

VMA Euro saw a 350% increase in return customers with Magic Text Marketing

Company Snapshot

With a strong passion for the European car market and over 40 years’ experience working with leading prestigious marques such as BMW, Mercedes, and the VW Group brands, VMA Euro is Sydney’s leading European car mechanic.

With a diverse client base, they provide each client with a personalised servicing package, because they understand there’s a world of difference between the desires of a classic A-to-B driver and those of a passionate part-time racer.

Locations:  2

Years’ Experience: 40+


The Challenge

As a car servicing business, VMA Euro rely heavily on repeat business to drive revenue. 

However, they faced challenges in engaging with their customers and encouraging them to return for future services. They tried various marketing strategies but struggled to find an effective way to communicate with their customers and keep them informed about promotions, specials, and other relevant information.

They realised it was crucial to find a more effective marketing strategy to build a loyal customer base that would help them maintain a sustainable business model, and a cost-efficient, powerful, user-friendly, easy-to-use solution that could help them increase customer engagement and build brand loyalty.

Difficulty reaching customers

VMA Euro knew that relying solely on word-of-mouth referrals was not enough to reach a wider audience, and traditional marketing channels like email were not effective as they had low open rates and high chances of being marked as spam. 

They needed a more direct and engaging way to reach their audience; a solution that would enable them to reach their current customer base more effectively and proactively reach out to potential customers and encourage them to try their services.

Lack of personalisation

With a large customer base, VMA Euro knew that personalisation was key to making their marketing efforts stand out, and creating campaigns that spoke directly to their target audience and their specific needs. However, they struggled to create campaigns and communications that resonated with each customer segment. 

They needed a way to easily personalise their messages and make them more relevant to each individual.

No way to measure marketing efforts

VMA Euro had no accurate way to measure the impact of their marketing campaigns and, as a result, were unsure which strategies were working and which ones weren’t. This made it difficult to make data-driven decisions about future campaigns and optimise their marketing efforts for better results.

They needed a way to track campaign performance and gain insights into what was resonating with their audience, so they could then make informed decisions about future campaigns.



“Magic has made SMS campaigns a vital part of our marketing strategy. It’s incredibly user-friendly and easy to execute. We’ve seen fantastic results in terms of customer engagement and revenue from return customers.” Luke Robins, Manager at VMA Euro


The Magic Solution

With a 10x higher open rate than email, Magic’s Text Marketing feature provided VMA Euro with an effective and easy-to-use solution to their marketing challenges. They were able to reach customers in a more direct and effective way, personalise their messaging with Magic’s pre-built templates, and measure their marketing success. 

As a result, VMA Euro was able to overcome their marketing challenges and drive more revenue from repeat customers.

Magic Results

350% increase in return customers

Using Magic Text Marketing, VMA Euro was able to create personalised text campaigns in just minutes, and with automation they could ensure their messages were delivered to their customers at the optimal time. 

They used Magic’s pre-built templates to promote special offers and seasonal maintenance reminders to their contact list, which resulted in a 350% increase in return customers. This increase in customer retention has had a substantial impact on the company’s bottom line, as these loyal customers spend more money over time.

Real-time analytics

Magic’s Text Marketing feature also has an analytics dashboard that allows VMA Euro to track the performance of their campaigns in real-time. 

With valuable insights into customer engagement, click-through rates, and other key performance indicators, they were able to measure the success of their marketing efforts, making adjustments as needed to improve their overall marketing strategy. 

This means they are able to make data-driven decisions for future campaigns, leading to even more success in their marketing efforts.


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  • Webchat: Turn website visitors into customers with SMS powered Webchat. Chat to website visitors directly through SMS so you won’t miss a lead, even when they leave your website. 

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