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How to use reviews to rank higher for your nail & hair salon

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Small businesses can often have trouble when trying to leave their mark on the internet. If you’re the owner of a local business it might be tough to overcome the fierce competition and Google’s strict criteria when determining search results. SEO optimization is the usual advice, but competing on a global level may not be the best decision if your business primarily operates locally. That’s why local SEO practices are often the better choice as they can help you rank higher on the search results list. One of the tools that can help your nail & hair salon stand out from the competition is reviews.

The competition in the salon business is fierce and getting the presence of your business out on the internet might seem easy at first but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

When in Doubt, Go Local

Generally speaking, there are two types of SEO – global and local. With global SEO, you have to do research on keywords in order to drive traffic and attract new clients. The obvious downside is that you’re not only competing with nearby businesses but also with every other business in the world that offers the same service. Entering the global competition when you’re a small business will rarely net good results.

On the bright side, local SEO is a perfect fit for small businesses as it allows them to target customers that are in their area. This makes a lot of sense when you’re providing cosmetic services as most of your clients will be living in the same city so there’s no need to advertise to people on the other side of the world.

Any search that is related to a specific location is a local search. Local SEO is determined by local keywords that give an answer to a specific query and are related to the activity of your business. With local SEO, you can focus entirely on local clients within your city, using the same language. 

Increase Your Rank With Google Reviews

Aside from optimizing your website and using the correct keywords for your business, there’s one more important variable that’ll determine the popularity of your salon. Google reviews.

One thing is clear. Before a client enters the premises of your salon, you can be certain that they’ve googled the exact location, checked the rating on Google Maps, and read some (if not all) of the reviews. The last part is crucial as better reviews play a huge role in your overall rating and local SEO ranking. But in order to get a review, you first have to register a Google Business Profile and list your business on the digital map. Don’t forget to double-check all the details, add a proper description of your business, and the services you offer, and include plenty of photos so people can more easily recognize it.

Sooner or later, reviews will start pouring in. Believe it or not, you can have an impact on your rating. We’re not even talking about some well-kept secret, it’s as simple as asking a happy customer to leave a review. Because why wouldn’t they want to?

Bad reviews sometimes do happen but remember to remain professional at all times. If possible, try to resolve the reviewer’s problem and that rating might go higher. Keep an eye on your Google Business Profile and all the questions surrounding your business. The more responsive and helpful you are, the better.

Keep optimizing your Google Reviews profile and update it whenever any changes occur. Having a great profile can help you to drive organic traffic to your business and attract new clients for absolutely free.

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