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Case Study

How Oscar Wylee uses Magic to manage customer experience across the globe

How Oscar Wylee uses Magic to manage customer experience across the globe

Company Snapshot

Australian eyewear brand Oscar Wylee is an online and multi-location eye care company. Passionate about eye care, they are committed to making eyewear more affordable and accessible to all and believe in an excellent customer experience throughout the entire journey.

Physical Locations 150

The Challenge

From launching their online eCommerce store in 2012 and their first retail store a year later, Oscar Wylee has grown to 135 physical locations in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. 

However, with a growing number of locations, like many businesses, Oscar Wylee found managing them all very challenging. The sheer scale of the task was a constant uphill battle.

No process for leaving reviews

Coordinating efforts across all their locations to first ask for, and then motivate customers to leave reviews was tough, not to mention managing their multiple review profiles across different platforms.

The lack of reviews didn’t help their Google ranking and made it hard for potential customers to decide whether they should use the company.

Inaccurate Information

The rapid business scaling meant that keeping track of all the different details and information associated with each location was a real challenge. 

The struggle led to inconsistencies across different directories and platforms, which was not only confusing for customers but was beginning to affect its reputation.

Drain on resources

The business was constantly struggling to keep track of everything and ensure a consistent message across all locations. Ishan Dessai, Senior Marketing Manager, Oscar Wylee said: “We were devoting a significant amount of staff time to this task, which took valuable time away from other, more important tasks.”


“With Magic’s help, we can now easily manage all of our locations with ease, and the results speak for themselves. Our online presence has been transformed. We are now actively managing and asking for reviews and this has helped increase views on our Google Business Profile by 190% and led to a staggering 390% increase in online sales. We’re blown away by the results. Magic has given our business the boost it needed!” Ishan Dessai, Senior Marketing Manager, Oscar Wylee

The Magic Solution

Oscar Wylee used Magic to help transform their digital strategy during their period of rapid growth and the way it communicates with customers. 

Magic Reviews dashboard helped them gather more customer reviews to boost their online presence and Magic Text Marketing enabled them to get in touch with their customers via text. More importantly, Magic’s multi-location management functionality meant they could easily manage all their locations from one simple dashboard, and quickly add new locations as, and when required.

Magic Results

More reviews increase online sales by 390%

Magic Reviews helped the company request, collate and respond to reviews across multiple platforms like Google, Facebook and Yelp from one place.

More reviews have improved its reputation, built trust with customers and improved local search rankings, all of which led to an increase in online sales.

Consistent messaging drives online views up 190%

While each location has its own characteristics and needs, Magic helped ensure the branding and messaging were consistent, improve the overall customer experience and reach a whole new audience.

Trackable Results

Implementing Magic’s review request process has helped Oscar Wylee see exactly which team member is delivering results for each location and makes all team members accountable. They can now easily track the number of review invites sent by each location team member and their conversion rate.

Manage all your locations with Magic

With Magic’s integration, Oscar Wylee’s business is thriving and the same message is conveyed across the globe all from one platform. “Through the use of message templates, we are now able to align customer responses and conversion and customer service flows, ensuring all our customers across the locations receive consistent customer experience,” said Ishan. 

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