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Case Study

How Magic’s Text Marketing helped Fresh Aesthetics increase bookings by 404%

How Magic's Text Marketing helped Fresh Aesthetics increase bookings by 404%

Company Snapshot

Australian-based medical aesthetics clinic, Fresh Aesthetics, provides tailored cosmetic injectable procedures and non-surgical treatments to enhance natural beauty. They believe that subtlety is powerful and offer a conservative approach to enhancements, focusing strongly on safety, medical ethics, and customer experience.

Years’ experience: 10+

Locations: 1

Staff members: 3


The Challenge

From working out how to stand out in the crowded marketplace to keeping up-to-date with the ever-evolving trends and advancements in technologies, the world of aesthetics is a highly competitive industry, so running a successful clinic comes with its fair share of challenges. Not to mention the need to build trust and credibility in an industry often plagued by unethical practices.

On top of this, Fresh Aesthetics was also facing some common challenges that many business owners face; responding to customers and getting more new and repeat business.

Responding to customers in a reasonable time frame

Today’s customer expects almost instantaneous responses and quick turnaround times when it comes to enquiries.

As a small clinic with limited staff, managing multiple communication channels; phone, emails, social media, and website enquiries, quickly became overwhelming for Fresh Aesthetics with the response time eventually rising to 3 days, and some enquiries falling through the cracks. This led to frustration, missed opportunities, and potential clients.

Increasing booking enquiries

Attracting new customers and encouraging repeat bookings needs effective marketing strategies to stand out, especially in a competitive market. Fresh Aesthetics needed a way to create personalised campaigns that were quick and easy to set up, along with the ability to easily maintain regular communication with existing clients.



“Magic has completely transformed my business. The platform’s seamless integration with my business operations has made it so easy to respond and convert customers. I highly recommend Magic to any business looking to grow their local business.” Linda Nguyen, Owner, Fresh Aesthetics


The Magic Solution

Magic’s Inbox and Text Marketing features provided Fresh Aesthetics with an easy-to-use solution that helped enhance operational efficiency, improve customer response times, and significantly boost bookings.

The ability to easily connect email, social media, text, and website enquiry channels to the Inbox allowed for streamlined communication management, ensuring that customer queries were promptly addressed, while Text Marketing simplified the process of sending targeted campaigns to engage both existing and potential customers, which led to increased revenue and a surge in bookings.

The overall user-friendly nature of Magic made it a valuable asset for Fresh Aesthetics, enabling them to achieve remarkable results while maintaining a seamless and efficient workflow.


Magic Results

From 72 hours to < 9 minutes customer response time

With Magic’s Inbox feature that connects email, social media, text and website enquiries on one dashboard, queries that once took an average of 3 days (72 hours) to address are now efficiently handled within an impressive 9-minute timeframe. This prompt and effective communication has elevated customer satisfaction and strengthened the clinic’s reputation for exceptional service.

404% increase in bookings post-SMS campaign

Magic’s Text Marketing feature also proved instrumental in driving new bookings. By reaching out to potential customers through well-crafted SMS messages, Fresh Aesthetics successfully captured their attention and showcased its expertise, and increased their monthly bookings from 23 to 116, a staggering 404% increase.

Streamlined operations

By automating certain communication processes and using the power of text-based interactions, Fresh Aesthetics successfully saved the equivalent of two full-time staff positions, which not only reduced operational costs but also ensured efficient resource allocation within the clinic.

Increased recurring revenue from SMS campaigns

With Magic’s Text Marketing feature, Fresh Aesthetics initiated targeted SMS campaigns to engage with its existing customer base, resulting in a significant increase in recurring revenue. By leveraging personalised SMS messages, the clinic successfully re-engaged customers, promoted new services, and delivered exclusive offers, resulting in higher retention rates and increased revenue from loyal clientele.


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