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Case Study

How BenAir generated $10k revenue from 1 text campaign

How BenAir generated $10k revenue from 1 text campaign

Company Snapshot

BenAir Plumbing & Refrigeration is a heating and cooling specialist offering first-class professional services to homes, businesses, and companies in Bendigo, Australia. They strive to provide a comprehensive service from installation to maintenance to help their customers get the most out of their equipment with fewer breakdowns that saves time and money.


The Challenge

BenAir Plumbing and Refrigeration had struggled to find an effective and cost-efficient way to reach their existing and potential customers and generate sales through traditional marketing methods. 

However, with no way of tracking their results, they had no idea how many people were seeing their marketing efforts, let alone how many were converting into paying customers, which made it hard to optimise their marketing efforts. BenAir were in need of a game-changing solution.

How to reach customers

Traditional marketing methods, such as email campaigns, seemed to lack the necessary impact to engage their customers, which led to limited conversions. Open rates were very low and very often the message went unnoticed. The business realised they needed to find an alternative way to reach out to their customers that was effective, personal and more immediate.

Limited marketing knowledge

With a limited budget for marketing and a team without any formal training or experience in marketing, the business needed a cost-effective solution that would not require a significant investment of time or money. They needed a tool that was user-friendly and intuitive, so they could create effective marketing campaigns without the need for extensive training or expertise.

Measuring results

Not being able to track the success of their marketing campaigns meant the business was unsure which strategies were working and which ones were not. This lack of visibility made it difficult for them to make informed decisions about future campaigns. They needed a solution that was easy to use, did not require a steep learning curve, and also provided insights into the success of their campaigns.



“I had no idea how to do marketing before this. That’s why I was so surprised when we generated over $10k in sales from one text campaign. With Magic, marketing is now easy with the pre-set templates. It truly is a game changer.” Rich E., Owner of BenAir


The Magic Solution

Magic’s Text Marketing feature proved to be a game-changer for BenAir. With pre-built text templates, they didn’t need to be marketing experts to create personalised text campaigns in minutes, and with a 10x higher open rate than email, text campaigns provided a more immediate and effective way of reaching customers. 

As a result of using Magic’s Text Marketing feature, the business was able to track the success of their campaigns and generate over $10k in sales from a single text campaign, a significant improvement from their previous marketing efforts.

Magic Results

$10k revenue generated from 1 text campaign

98% of texts are opened within 5 minutes of being received, and with Magic’s Text Marketing BenAir could send out text campaigns to be delivered to their customers at the optimal time. This helped to increase engagement and response rates, and resulted in over $10k in sales from just one campaign. This success was a significant improvement from their previous marketing efforts, where they struggled to reach their customers effectively.

Detailed analytics

With an analytics dashboard, Magic allowed the business to gain valuable insights into their campaigns’ performance in real-time, such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. This enabled them to make data-driven decisions about future campaigns and optimise their marketing strategies for maximum impact. The analytics dashboard also allowed them to identify trends and patterns in their customers’ behaviour, so they could create more targeted and personalised campaigns.

Launch campaigns in minutes 

Magic is an easy-to-use platform that doesn’t need any specialist marketing training or experience. The pre-built templates and automation features allowed BenAir to quickly and efficiently create and send out personalised text campaigns, which resulted in significant cost savings compared to traditional marketing methods.


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