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Best online law firm directories

Discover the best online law firm directories to boost your business' visibility and attract more clients.

It can be tricky for law firms to stand out in the crowded online marketplace and attract potential clients, but that’s where online business directories come in. Listing your practice on some of the best UK law firm directories can help you increase your visibility, build your reputation, and connect with potential clients who are actively looking for legal services.

In this article, we’ll explore the top online law firm directories in the UK and discuss the benefits of using them to boost your online presence and grow your practice. Whether you’re a small law firm looking to attract local clients or a large firm seeking to expand your reach, this article will provide you with the insights and information you need to grow your practice.

Best online law firm directories

There are various UK online law firm directories each with its own unique features, benefits, and drawbacks, so you need to carefully consider which directories are most appropriate for your law firm’s goals.

Chambers and Partners

One of the most prestigious legal directories in the UK, Chambers and Partners ranks law firms and individual lawyers based on their expertise and reputation in different practice areas and is widely regarded as an authority on the legal industry, making it an excellent platform for law firms looking to enhance their reputation and attract new clients. However, the downside is that you can’t just create a listing. You have to make a submission, which is free to do, that involves filling out a form with information about your practice and area of expertise and providing a list of referees who may be interviewed. Your submission will be reviewed, analysed, and discussed before rankings and results are announced. According to Chambers and Partners’ website: “Rankings are only bestowed on the top lawyers and firms, whether multinational or boutique.”

The Legal 500

Similar to Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500 ranks law firms based on their expertise in different practice areas, as well as feedback from clients and other legal professionals. Likewise, to get onto the list, you need to make a submission and provide referees. However, the good news is that if you have already submitted to Chambers and Partners, you can convert that submission into a Legal 500 submission by using ConvertNow. It will then need a little tidying up before submitting it to Legal 500. There are two parts to The Legal 500; The Editorial and The Directory, and according to the website:

  • “All editorial comments and listings are completely independent and no firm has been able to secure its inclusion within the editorial sections through payment.
  • The directory section is made up of professional cards based on information supplied by the firms and approved by them prior to publication.”

Find a Solicitor 

This directory is owned by the Law Society of England and Wales and allows users to search for solicitors by location and area of practice. It is populated with data held by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) which it then adapts and adds additional information, meaning that if you are an SRA-regulated firm, individual or organisation, you should have an automatic listing. However, it only provides as much information about your law firms as the SRA holds. You can amend your listing by signing in to your ‘My Law Society’ account.

This is a paid membership directory with a £199 monthly fee for 1 office, and for this, you get a listing on 11 legal directories and can collect and display client reviews. However, there is no ability to personalise your listing, and the only way to contact them is by filling out a form on the website.

This directory allows users to search for solicitors by area of expertise or location. It’s free and easy for law firms to sign up, making it ideal for small and medium-sized law firms that may not have the budget to advertise on paid directories. They also offer an upgraded ‘Premium Listing’ for £25 per month. Customer support is limited to email, except for account queries.

This is “the UK’s #1 comparison website for solicitor firms and legal services” and displays client testimonials, reviews and ratings to people searching for a solicitor. To add your firm to the directory, you need to contact them by filling out their online form or emailing them. They do offer upgraded membership packages from £34.95 per month.

The Good Lawyer Guide

The Good Lawyer Guide is a directory that allows users to search for solicitors by location and area of practice, as well as read reviews from former clients and ask questions on a Q&A Forum. The platform is free to use, and signing up involves finding your name or firm and then clicking on edit to create an account and edit the details. However, the website does stress that they don’t have a comprehensive list. If you cannot find yourself, you should contact them by email, and you do have the option to become a ‘subscribed’ member, which puts you at the top of listings along with several other benefits, although there are no details on how much this costs.

Frequently Asked Questions about law firm directories

What is a law firm directory?

This is, typically, an online resource that compiles and displays information about various law firms and includes details such as the firm’s name, areas of practice, contact information, and location. These directories can help individuals and businesses easily find and connect with legal services that suit their needs.

What’s the difference between a lawyer and a solicitor in the UK?

  • “Lawyer”: a general reference to anyone who practices law, including solicitors and barristers
  • “Solicitor”: a legal professional who provides advice, handles legal transactions, and can represent clients in lower courts 
  • “Barrister”: a specialist in advocacy and represents clients in higher courts.

How do I trace a solicitor firm?

You can search online legal directories where firms list their information but the best place to search is the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) records which holds details on individuals and firms from 1993. For any search of solicitor firms before 1993, contact The Law Society library.

How do you find a solicitor by name in the UK?

You can search the SRA or online legal directories for solicitors based on their names, making it easier to locate and connect with the professional you’re seeking.

Key takeaway

Listing your law firm on reputable online directories offers numerous benefits that can boost your online visibility and attract more potential clients to your website. Not only does this help generate new leads and conversions, but also increases your chances of ranking higher on search engines. Additionally, directories provide an easy and cost-effective way to showcase your expertise and credentials, establish your reputation as a trusted legal authority, and build credibility.

Essentially, online business directories are a powerful tool that can help your law firm build a strong brand, attract more clients, and grow your business in the digital age. By harnessing the benefits of these directories, you can stay ahead of the competition and establish your firm as leading legal experts in your field.

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