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6 SMS Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Is your small business trying to expand to a wider audience? Does it lack the marketing budget to run a campaign across the most popular social channels? Worry not, as there is a solution! Email, social media, and social app marketing are some of the latest trends but what was cool before is cool again. We’re talking about SMS marketing.

Not everyone has a social media account or an app, but all phones support SMS as a feature. SMS marketing is not only more direct and efficient in building a relationship with your clients but also much cheaper. Email is completely free but SMS gets much better results. The only real obstacle to using this channel of communication is to get users to opt in. This can easily be done by promoting your SMS service through email or the website of your business. Once users decide to opt in, you can utilize SMS marketing to the fullest and make the most out of the features it offers.

Here are our top 6 SMS marketing tips for your small business.

Repeat Orders

One of the most common uses of SMS marketing is to send repeat order reminders. Clients who have already purchased from your small business can get a convenient offer that’s simply too hard to pass on. 

Through an SMS, you can send customers a link that directs them to their last purchasing cart. Add to that some form of discount and a repeat order is definitely in the stars.

Happy Birthday Messages

Not all communication with clients has to lead to a sale. Strengthening the relationship between your business and customers is a sure way to incentivize future orders. With SMS marketing, you can send users personalized birthday messages.

While some users may be hesitant to provide their birth date, you can convince them with a discount. Make this information visible on your website.

Exclusive Sale Notifications

Are you running a time-limited sale? Use it as an opportunity to add extra value to your SMS marketing campaigns. Alert the portion of customers who have opted in for SMS messages, then let everyone else know of the exclusive perks offered.

This will not only drive sales from clients that are already part of the SMS campaign but also motivate many other clients to opt in, helping your small business grow.

Track Loyalty Program Bonuses

Does your business have a loyalty program? If yes, that’s great news. Loyalty programs are an amazing way to boost customer retention and what better way to remind people of the rewards they’ve earned so far than through SMS?

By using SMS marketing, you can notify clients of the points they’ve accumulated in your loyalty program. This can be done every month and serve as a reminder of available bonuses.

Get Direct Feedback

Have you ever wanted to know what your clients think of a product? SMS marketing gives your small business the perfect opportunity to find out more about a product. Engage a client in a conversation and ask them all the questions you need answers to. These can be related to the quality of the product, the price, the service, and much more.

This approach can be used not only for existing products but also to check the general opinion for new ideas that you plan to work on.

Shopping Season Deals

Use SMS marketing to send out date-specific alerts to your customers. Text reminders of great deals can be especially useful during seasonal holidays or events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and others.

Campaigns around such events add an extra layer of exclusivity as the demand is usually very high and clients will often get the fear of missing out. Combine this with some of the best offers your business has and you’ve got a recipe for success.


Your small business can even the marketing playing field by utilizing SMS. Once your clients opt in for SMS marketing, you can expect an audience that’s more than willing to listen. By sending out regular reminders and personalized offers, your small business can quickly grow and attract even more users.

The costs of SMS marketing are much lower than some of the traditional marketing channels, while its efficacy is one of the highest. With its high versatility, SMS marketing is the natural choice for businesses of all sizes to boost brand recognition and increase conversion.

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