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Text Marketing

Text campaign ideas for your car dealership to boost success

Discover effective text campaign ideas for your car dealership tailored to enhance your success and drive results.

The competition in the automotive business is higher than ever. If you want to put your car dealership out there, creating the right marketing strategy is crucial. Lately, traditional marketing channels such as email have trouble getting results but there’s a viable alternative with text campaign ideas for your car dealership.

SMS is back and better than ever. It’s easy and convenient for your clients and it boasts the highest conversion rates out of any marketing channel. SMS Marketing works because texting has become the norm. Everyone has a phone in their hand and communicating through text is more casual than email, leading to much higher response rates and more attention from your customers.

Your car dealership can benefit from text message marketing in many ways. You can boost sales and build a strong relationship with customers through promotions, reminders, and discount offers. Trying to figure out where to start? Here are some text campaign ideas that are sure to get the attention of your clients.

Auto service campaigns

Cars need regular maintenance and that’s a well-known fact. What’s less known to many is that repair work makes up a huge part of revenue and you’re competing not just with other dealerships but also with auto repair shops. Car dealership repair shops have numerous advantages over auto repair shops (specialised in specific brands, original repair parts) and you can use that in your messaging.

Sending automated service reminders to customers can significantly enhance the likelihood of repeat business due to the sheer convenience of the service. Use text messages to take your customer service to the next level and send regular reminders for maintenance and service appointments.

Keep clients informed

You can use text messaging to share general dealership news including changes in business hours, new programs, and deals, as well as helpful content on vehicle care and maintenance. The latter can be directly tied to a successful sale and sent out to the client right after purchase.

Additionally, transactional communication like payment notifications can also be delivered effectively through text messages. If your customers have financing plans, it is crucial to establish a system that guarantees timely payment remittance to your business and SMS is the perfect way to do it.

Gather direct feedback

To truly improve the quality of the services you offer, you’ll need some honest feedback. Gathering client opinions is an effective way to stay connected with your customers and address any issues before they escalate. SMS marketing for car dealerships offers a convenient way to collect feedback at various stages of the customer journey through surveys and reviews. 

To gather feedback, car dealerships can send text messages after a test drive, a sales meeting, a vehicle purchase, or a sales call. This can provide valuable insights into what your dealership is doing well and what could be improved. By including text links, customers can easily provide their opinions, feedback, and suggestions in response to these messages.


With the spread of mobile devices worldwide, SMS marketing has become an increasingly powerful tool for businesses. Auto dealerships, in particular, stand to benefit from this trend, as people are rarely without their phones and are likely to receive messages if they opt in. By implementing the SMS marketing campaigns we’ve described, your car dealership can boost customer loyalty, attract more leads, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

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