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    Turn reviews and conversations into repeat customers
    Get more reviews

    “We received over 5k+ Google reviews over 6 locations since we started sending review requests through Magic.”

    Owner, Plus Fitness

    Chris Laz

    Unify conversations

    “Our team saved so much time with Magic. We are now able to reply to any customer questions under 5 minutes.

    General Manager, Dr Clear

    Chloe Gilbert

    Win customers

    “Since using Magic, we were able to increase our sales by 49%, driven all from text conversations with new and repeat customers.

    Digital Director, Soulara

    Jayne Lacson

    Drive revenue

    “We generated over $30k in revenue from sending one Magic text campaign – it blew my mind.”

    Marketing Manager, WonderSmile

    Dani Bowen

    Everything your local business needs to grow online

    Review Management

    Get more reviews and be the top rated business

    Increase reviews and win new customers

    Automatically send out review invites across popular review platforms and turn happy customers into business advocates online

    Stand out on Google

    Make sure your business comes up first when people are searching Google through the power of reviews

    All your review platforms in one place

    Easy to manage dashboard of all your popular review platforms like Google, Facebook, Trust Pilot and more

    Communications Inbox

    Engage and convert customers all from one inbox

    Keep track of all conversations from one inbox

    Streamline all communication channels in one team inbox, including SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram

    Manage conversations better as a team

    View, assign and change conversation status to the right team member for faster and optimised responses

    Never miss a lead again

    Turn website visitors to long term customers with Magic WebChat. Use automated responses and templates to keep them engaged.

    SMS & WhatsApp Marketing

    Drive more sales with instant text campaigns

    Reach your customers wherever they are

    Send out SMS or WhatsApp newsletters to your audience – 10x higher open rate than email

    Send text campaigns in minutes

    Use prebuilt templates, dynamic tags and easy segmentation to create personalised text campaigns in a matter of minutes

    Build your customer list, grow your business

    Watch your contact list grow through multiple channels – in-store or online through the Magic Web Widget

    Customer Database

    Win repeat customers and grow your customer list

    Track all customer data in one place

    Sync customer information across conversations, reviews and sales channels to reveal powerful purchase habits and insights

    Keep your customers coming back for more

    Create highly targeted, personalised text campaigns through information gathered in the Customer Database to drive sales

    Give your customers a personal touch

    Understand your customers through their Customer Profile snapshot. Add on internal tags to better categorise and filter profiles

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