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Case Study

Motorbiz sees 6x increase in SMS subscribers in 3 months with Magic

Motorbiz sees 6x increase in SMS subscribers in 3 months with Magic

Company Snapshot

Victoria-based Motorbiz is a car dealership specialising in high quality, affordable, pre-owned prestige European cars, such as Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Porsche, Jaguar, etc.

Excellent customer experience and service is paramount to their operation. They store all of the cars in an indoor warehouse so customers can browse comfortably in all weathers, and they also offer home test drives.


The Challenge

As a car dealership specialising in European cars, Motorbiz recognised the importance of building a loyal customer base and providing exceptional customer service to keep customers coming back. They also recognised the potential of SMS marketing in retaining customers and wanted to use it to win repeat customers. 

However, they struggled to collect SMS subscribers and lacked an efficient way to engage with customers through text marketing. They realised they needed a solution that could automate the process of collecting SMS subscribers, provide them with accurate and comprehensive customer profiles, and enable personalised and relevant SMS marketing campaigns that would engage customers and drive sales.

Difficulty collecting SMS subscribers

Motorbiz struggled to collect SMS subscribers. They lacked an efficient system and were relying on customers to manually provide their phone numbers during in-person interactions or online signups. 

This approach was not only time-consuming, but it also yielded few results, as customers often overlooked or forgot to provide their contact information.

Manual customer profiles

Customer profiles were manually created, which was a time-consuming and error-prone process. 

This resulted in incomplete and inconsistent customer data, making it difficult for Motorbiz to provide a personalised customer experience.

Limited customer engagement

With very little knowledge on industry best practices, previous SMS marketing efforts had been limited to generic mass messages, which made it challenging to engage customers because the message lacked the personalisation and relevance their customers desired. 

The end result was low engagement and a low ROI for these SMS marketing campaigns



“Magic makes it easy to collect SMS subscribers with Webchat. We were able to improve our customer experience through their automated customer profile and win repeat customers through SMS marketing.” Phil Todd, Manager of Motorbiz


The Magic Solution

Recognising the need to streamline their customer communication and marketing efforts, Motorbiz turned to Magic’s Webchat and Text Marketing features to help them collect SMS subscribers, automate customer profiles, and execute targeted SMS campaigns.

As a result, Motorbiz saw a 6x increase in SMS subscribers, more efficient customer data management, and increased customer engagement and revenue from repeat business.

Magic Results

6x increase in SMS subscribers

With Magic Webchat, Motorbiz was able to collect SMS subscribers easily and conveniently. 

By embedding the Webchat widget on their website, they were able to engage with website visitors and offer them the option to subscribe to SMS updates. As a result, they saw a 6x increase in SMS subscribers within just three months.

Automated customer profiles

To streamline the customer data collection process and eliminate the need for manual updates, Motorbiz used Magic’s Text Marketing feature. 

This feature allowed them to capture customer data, such as name and phone number, and automatically created a customer profile, which helped them provide a personalised service based on customer data, resulting in improved customer experience.

Targeted SMS marketing

With the increased number of SMS subscribers and automated customer profiles, Motorbiz used Magic’s Text Marketing pre-built SMS templates, with proven success in driving conversion, to create personalised SMS campaigns in a matter of minutes, and send targeted offers and promotions to their subscribers. 

As a result, they saw a significant increase in customer engagement and repeat business.


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