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Case Study

Magic helped Soulara drive revenue up 49% with text conversations

Magic helped Soulara drive revenue up 49% with text conversations

Company Snapshot

Soulara is a meal delivery subscription service that aims to make plant-based living accessible to people from all walks of life.

They have a team of professional chefs and nutritionists creating nutrient-rich, delicious meals, each one designed with Soulara’s guiding principles in mind: plant power, seasonality, sustainability, and fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Soulara works to provide their customers with great-tasting food and incredible convenience, so they can enjoy plant-based eating with ease, become healthier and improve their environmental footprint.


The Challenge

Soulara prides itself on offering healthy and convenient options for their customers looking for nutritious meal choices, and while they had a strong online presence and received a significant amount of website traffic, they noticed that website visitors were not always converting into customers as much as they would have liked. 

They realised they needed a better way to connect with those website visitors and turn them into paying customers. Additionally, they wanted to find a way to stay connected with customers even after they left the website, so they could drive repeat sales and increase customer loyalty.

Difficulty connecting with website visitors

Soulara struggled to connect with website visitors and convert them into customers, as they lacked a direct line of communication. 

Visitors would often leave the website without making a purchase, and because they relied solely on traditional marketing methods, there was no way for the business to reach out to them and engage in real-time.

Lack of personalised marketing opportunities

Soulara relied heavily on ineffective email marketing strategies, which were constrained to broad and generic campaigns. This made it challenging for Soulara to resonate with their target audience, which resulted in missed potential sales due to low engagement and conversion rates.

Inefficient Customer Communication 

Due to limited resources, Soulara faced challenges in their communication with customers. Their slow and inefficient email communication processes put them at a disadvantage compared to competitors, hindering effective customer engagement and response times.

They needed a solution that was cost-effective and easy to implement, and improved quality and effectiveness.



“Since using Magic, we were able to increase our sales by 49%, all driven from text conversations with new and repeat customers.” Jayne Lacson, Digital Director at Soulara


The Magic Solution

Recognising the need to find a way to connect with their website visitors, provide personalised marketing and scale their business despite limited resources, Soulara turned to Magic.

As a result of using Magic, they were able to increase their sales by 49%, all driven from text conversations with new and repeat customers. This was accomplished through the use of SMS-powered webchat and text marketing, which allowed them to connect with website visitors in real-time and provide personalised marketing messages to build stronger relationships.

Magic Results

SMS-powered webchat

With Magic’s SMS-powered webchat, Soulara was able to chat with website visitors directly through SMS, even after they had left the website, providing a seamless experience for the visitors to keep the conversation. 

It also allowed Soulara to provide real-time assistance to visitors, answer their queries and convert them into customers.

49% increase in sales revenue

Magic Text Marketing allowed Soulara to create personalised text campaigns in minutes. Using pre-built templates, they were able to send targeted messages to customers based on their preferences, order history and behaviour. 

This personalised marketing approach helped them build a stronger relationship with their customers and drive 49% more sales revenue.

62% increase in customer response rate

Being able to communicate with customers through their preferred channel, Soulara was able to increase customer response rate by 62% and build deeper customer relationships and loyalty. This in turn resulted in a lower customer churn rate and longer customer lifetime value.


Improve your online reputation with Magic

Magic helps local businesses grow. Thousands of local businesses use Magic to get more online reviews, win new customers, easily manage customer conversations and grow sales. Magic offers these features:

  • Reviews: Get more reviews with automatic review requests for popular review sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, TrustPilot, and more. Rank high on local search and enhance your visibility on Google. 
  • Inbox: Keep track of customer conversations across channels in one inbox, including SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail. Manage conversations better as a team and do more with industry specific templates. 
  • Text Marketing: Drive more sales with instant text campaigns and reach your customers at the right moment with automation. Use prebuilt templates to send out text campaigns in minutes. 
  • Webchat: Turn website visitors into customers with SMS powered Webchat. Chat to website visitors directly through SMS so you won’t miss a lead, even when they leave your website. 

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