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Case Study

How Lucy & Co Hair reduced customer response time to less than 7 minutes

How Lucy & Co Hair reduced customer response time to less than 7 minutes

Company Snapshot

Founded in 2013, Lucy & Co Hair is a premium hair salon brand known for its exceptional hairdressing services, particularly its expertise in hair colouring. Lucy & Co Hair has a team of highly skilled hairdressers and colourists who are trained in the latest techniques and trends and use only the highest quality products, which has led to a loyal customer base.

The Challenge

As a hair salon, Lucy & Co Hair know the importance of building trust with their customers and ensuring they receive prompt and attentive service. They had built a good customer following, but were struggling to keep up with the volume of customer enquiries they were receiving. And with no website, they were relying on social media, email and text messages to manage enquiries and communicate with their clients.

They realised this system was not efficient! They were often slow to respond to customer queries, leading to frustration and a decline in customer satisfaction.

Increasing number of customer enquiries

The biggest challenge facing the salon was managing a high volume of enquiries from both new and existing customers. They had difficulty responding to all of them in a timely manner, which led to missed opportunities for new business and dissatisfied customers who didn’t get the attention they deserved.

Inefficient communication system

With messages coming in from various platforms, Lucy & Co Hair had no easy way to keep track of all the enquiries coming in and the ongoing conversations with their clients. This, they realised, was not an efficient system as questions, leads, and conversations were frequently being missed or forgotten.

Slow response times

Due to the number of messages and the inefficient communication system, the salon was often slow to respond to customer enquiries, leading to frustration and a decline in customer satisfaction. This began to create a negative reputation for them, and many potential customers may have been deterred from using their services.



“Magic has proven to be a fantastic investment for our salon. The platform has helped us build trust with our customers by showcasing genuine reviews and testimonials. Our new customers often mention how fast we respond to all their questions, and I couldn’t be happier!” Lucy Milson, Owner, Lucy & Co Hair


The Magic Solution

Magic proved the perfect solution for Lucy & Co Hair’s needs. They now have a way to showcase genuine reviews but, more importantly, they have been able to improve customer response time to less than 7 minutes which has helped increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Magic Inbox allows them to keep track of customer conversations from multiple channels in one place, making it easier to manage and respond to messages in a timely manner. It also allows them to view, assign and change conversation status to the right team member for faster responses and better customer experience.


Magic Results

More efficient communication system

Magic Inbox feature transformed Lucy & Co Hair’s communication system from one of constantly switching between platforms to managing all customer conversations in one place. This provided a more streamlined process for responding to customer messages, and having all messages in one place meant they could prioritise and delegate tasks more effectively.

<7 minutes customer response time

With all messages in one place, Lucy & Co Hair have managed to significantly reduce the time they take to respond to messages. And with over 500+ industry-specific templates at their disposal, they can now easily send out appointment reminders, thank you messages, referral requests, and more, which has helped improve customer experience and build trust.


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