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Case Study

Dr Clear significantly improves customer response time with Magic

Dr Clear significantly improves customer response time with Magic

Company Snapshot

Dr Clear Aligners is an award-winning, reliable and affordable dental service provider specialising in clear aligner therapy. Their main objective is to empower everyone with their ideal smile by providing a highly personalised and stress-free experience for all their patients.

Locations: 8

The Challenge

Dr Clear has a team of experienced and dedicated orthodontists and technicians that use the latest technology to ensure the best possible results for their patients. The company’s mission is to provide its customers with the best orthodontic care possible and to help them achieve the perfect smile. Opening in 2019, Dr Clear has opened 7 more locations across the globe.

However, with a growing practice came more and more leads and customer questions across various platforms and social media channels, which the business found difficult to keep up with.

Too many channels of communication

With queries from patients coming from different channels, text, email and social media, the business found it difficult to keep track of incoming messages. Often, the team would miss out on customer enquiries and lose potential sales due to slow response time or unattended messages across the platforms. 

No reliable ways to collect online reviews

Dr Clear Aligners knew that reviews would help improve their search rankings, but email review invites yielded little to no reviews.

No dedicated customer service staff 

Queries were handled by front-desk employees, already stretched for time with their normal duties, and some did not have the expertise to respond efficiently. All these challenges meant that more often than not customer messages built up, not responded to quickly and sometimes were even overlooked.


“Responding to customer questions used to be a struggle. It would often take hours or even days to get back to them, and this had a knock-on effect on customer satisfaction and our reputation. But with Magic, we now have the tools to answer any customer question within just 5 minutes. With happier customers, the impact this has had on our business has been astounding.” XX, XX of Dr Clear

Magic Inbox improves conversations and saves time

Magic Inbox has proved invaluable to Dr Clear’s customer interactions. Because Magic consolidates all communication channels into one inbox, including SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail, Dr Clear can now easily track and manage all conversations effortlessly, assign conversations to the right team member and accurately identify urgent queries that should be dealt with as a priority. More importantly, because they can keep track of open and closed messages, they can make sure no customer enquiry ever goes unanswered.

Magic Inbox also gives Dr Clear access to detailed customer information and interaction history in real time which allows for personalised and informed responses, plus a library of customisable message templates for quick and consistent responses.

Magic Results

Improved feedback and customer experience

Dr Clear could manage messages more effectively and efficiently thanks to Magic Inbox. Better coordination between different teams and departments helped improve resolution of customer issues which helped improve the overall customer experience.

And a better customer experience resulted in improved feedback. Dr Clear doubled the number of online reviews they received in 3 weeks.

320% increase in response rate 

Having all communication channels accessible from one place allowed for more efficient management and organisation of customer conversations and has significantly improved the time it takes for Dr Clear to respond to their customers.  Team members can now quickly find and respond to queries which provides a more seamless experience for customers.

Improved team accountability

The ability to assign conversations has also helped Dr Clear improve response times and track accountability. An incoming query is assigned to the correct team member, who then quickly and efficiently addresses it. This has allowed the team to resolve questions faster and convert significantly more sales.    

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Using Magic, Dr Clear are engaging with their customers from one inbox which has significantly improved response rates and overall customer satisfaction.

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